Current Central Baltimore Partnership Programs

Central Baltimore Homebuying Incentive

Abell rowhouses Ⓒ Edward Weiss for the Central Baltimore Partnership
The program is once again accepting applicants

$10,000 in Financial Assistance available for new residents of 7 Central Baltimore neighborhoods

The Central Baltimore Homebuying Incentive Program launched in 2019, with funding of $100,000 from the MD Department of Housing and Community Development Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative (BRNI). These resources have enabled $10,000 financial incentives for 10 low- to moderate-income homebuyers in Central Baltimore.

After processing our first set of applicants, a few slots are still open for this first round of funding. And we are seeking additional funding in Spring 2021.

The purpose of the program is to maintain, and promote, income diversity in the six neighborhoods outlined in our Front and Center Equity Plan — these neighborhoods include: Barclay, Charles North, Greenmount West, Harwood, Midway, Old Goucher, and Remington. Another aspect of the program is to incentivize potential residents to live closer to places of employment in Central Baltimore, and to aid current residents, who wish to own their own home.

The Central Baltimore Homebuying Incentive Program offers grants of $10,000 in deferred loans to potential homebuyers searching for homes in Central Baltimore. These incentives can be used with other Baltimore City, as well as State of Maryland, incentives. The incentives are available to applicants that make 100% (or less) of the above neighborhoods average median income (AMI).

The Central Baltimore Homebuying Incentive Program is part of our commitment to ensuring that long-time low-income residents are not displaced, and that low- and moderate-income families will continue to see these communities as viable locations to live and flourish.

Our Partners — Live Baltimore, Healthy Neighborhoods,  Neighborhood Housing Services  also have excellent resources for potential homebuyers (of all income levels), seeking incentives, information, and other forms of assistance. Their help can be combined with this program.

For information about how to apply for this program, contact: Ashley Wallace, Deputy Director,

Neil Muldrow Business Development Fund

Neil Muldrow Business Development Fund Ⓒ Edward Weiss for the Central Baltimore Partnership
The Neil Muldrow Business Development Fund was created to aid small businesses

It was founded in 2018, to consolidate and improve existing CBP commercial revitalization initiatives, and named in honor of  the great work of Ackneil Muldrow who increased access to capital for small businesses, especially minority-owned enterprises, as Director of the Development Credit Fund.

The Neil Muldrow Business Development Fund encourages minority- and locally-owned businesses to locate or expand in the growing Station North Arts District and other Central Baltimore business corridors. Although CBP has achieved significant revitalization momentum, these corridors continue to include many buildings with decade-long vacancies. 

The Fund provides a combination of grants and loans to support four programmatic initiatives:

  • The Commercial Facade Restoration Program provides a one-to-one matching grant to support storefront rehabilitation designed to improve the aesthetics of the building and the commercial corridor.
  • The Tenant Build-Up Program helps retailers, building owners, and cultural organizations meet the high costs of renovating long vacant buildings. These costs make long-vacant spaces more expensive to occupy than newer commercial properties.
  • Technical Assistance – CBP’s Commercial Revitalization efforts provide an array of technical assistance to support small business development, including free design services to support façade rehabilitation and tenant fit-out initiatives, marketing via social media platforms, identifying lending institutions who support business expansion needs, and helping businesses plan experiential (memorable) marketing events designed to generate foot traffic and revenue.
  • The Charles and North Investment Fund encourages acquisition and redevelopment of vacant and underused buildings and subsidizes the implementation of design enhancements to activate public spaces.

For more information about The Neil Muldrow Business Development Fund, contact Jack Danna at 410-702-5193 or

Station North Arts Program

Station North Ⓒ Edward Weiss for the Central Baltimore Partnership
Serving Baltimore’s first and most famous arts district

With public arts projects such as Open Walls, that have received recognition across the U.S. and worldwide, the Station North Arts District was rated one of the Top 5 Art Districts in the U.S. by USA Today in 2021.  It includes part, or all, of 3 Central Baltimore neighborhoods (Charles North, Greenmount West and Barclay), and was the first area in Baltimore City to be designated an Arts & Entertainment District by the State of Maryland. That was in 2002, and it would not be hyperbole to describe Station North as ‘groundbreaking,’ as there are now 28 Arts & Entertainment Districts in Maryland, a designation that includes tax benefits for stakeholders in the area.

Among other activities, Station North is the programmer for the YNOT Lot, a popular outdoor venue on the corner of Charles Street and North Avenue, that presents a cross section of cutting-edge artists and local activities.  This symbiosis reflects Station North’s role in supporting Baltimore arts (and artists, and artspaces), along with the broader community who share the Station North area. Frequently, events at the YNOT Lot are free, and they are enjoyed by a broad spectrum of visitors from all over Baltimore

The District is also the location of other renowned visitor destinations such as Graffiti Alley  a legal grafittiscape featured in everything from selfies to major films as well as Artscape, Baltimore’s largest arts festival, attracting an an average audience of more than 300,000 people per year.  In addition Numerous restaurants, galleries, makerspaces (such as  Open Works), bars and theaters including the SNF Parkway (home of the Maryland Film Festival) and the Charles Theater (the city’s beloved arthouse movie theater), make for Baltimore’s most vibrant entertainment hub.

To get a full understanding of this program, visit the Station North Arts District website.

The CRAYON fund:

The Crayon Fund’s micro-grants support Central Baltimore youth

The CRAYON Fund (Cool Resources Accessible for Youth Opportunities in Neighborhoods) in 2019. The CRAYON Fund is a micro-grant program that supports neighborhood activities and events that empower Central Baltimore youth and families, supplement their social education, and develop their leadership capacity. This fund is supported by the Wells Fargo Foundation, and is part of our Front and Center Five-Year Equity Plan for Central Baltimore.

Applicants must be based in or serve the communities of Barclay, Charles North, Harwood, Greenmount West, Old Goucher, and Remington

Applicants can simply be organized residents with a group bank account, ; or community-based organizations that are incorporated as a nonprofit and either 1) hold tax-exempt status (501c3), or 2) are fiscally-sponsored by an organization with 501c3 status.  

For more information, review the application, or contact Aaron Kaufman, Community Projects Manager, at Applicants who do not meet the eligibility requirements are encouraged to reach out to Aaron Kaufman for project review on a case-by-case basis

Typical Grant Request
between $100 and $500. $500 is the maximum amount that can be awarded to any project.

How to Apply
Please click here to download the application.

Community Spruce-Up Program:

Greenmount Avenue mural by Gaia, photo Ⓒ Edward Weiss for the Central Baltimore Partnership

Funds Neighborhood-Driven Projects That Transform Public Spaces.

The 2021 Central Baltimore Partnership Community Spruce-Up Program provides grants of $10K-$20K per project to neighborhood-driven, open space, capital improvement projects in 11 Central Baltimore Neighborhoods. The program has been an essential resource for community-building in Central Baltimore and has funded over 60 community-led projects to-date. In 2021, priority will be given to applications that support community garden development and promote healthy living and community interaction. Thanks to the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development and Johns Hopkins University, for the funding that will enable this program to continue strengthening neighborhoods in Central Baltimore.

Applicants may be neighborhood associations, merchants groups, or other not-for-profit organizations located in, or serving, the neighborhoods of Abell, Barclay, Charles North, Charles Village, Greenmount West, Midway, Oakenshawe, Old Goucher, Remington, Wyman Park, and/or the Waverly Main Street. Full applications must also include a letter of support from their local community associations.”  Go to this link,, if you need help locating a community association.

For more information about the program, contact Aaron Kaufman, Community Projects Manager, at

Review previous Community Spruce-Up Grant Recipients.

Important Community Spruce-Up Program Dates for 2021

Full Application deadline (required): Friday, June 4, 2021use this form for 2021 CBP Community Spruce-Up Grant Application reference
Award Announcements and Project Implementation Commencement: Thursday, July 1, 2021